Best pen on earth

My friend and classmate Stephen went on and on about my handwriting when he first saw it. He actually said it freaked him out a little how small and neat it was. I kept telling him, “It’s the pen!” and finally when I gave him one to try, he understood better. I first heard about this pen from one of the women who owns the Regional Assembly of Text. She said this was her favourite pen of all time. Of course, being a big fan of their store, I rushed straight out to find it and it quickly became a favourite of mine too. I write almost all of my letters, class notes, and journal entries using this pen. I’m a little fanatical about it actually although I do relax my standards of penmanship for things like grocery and to-do lists and use ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils from time to time when one of these guys is not to be found.

Below is a picture of my belated Christmas present to Stephen last year – two Pilot G-Tec-C4 pens tucked into a handmade box with a little 4 x 6 lettering lesson. He got a real kick out of it.