Meaningful condolences

I recently took a few books out of the library on the subject of letter writing – the history of, and a couple of how-tos – but honestly, I don’t think a book is the best way to learn how to write a letter, unless it’s for business purposes. Certainly no book can tell you how to write to a friend who has experienced a loss.

I’m a firm believer that a letter needs to come from the heart and you have to practice writing in order to find the right words. Once you’ve practiced and then practice some more, before you know it, instead of writing “my condolences”, you’ll be writing personal words that no cliché can touch.

Write what’s appropriate and thoughtful between you and the friend who is experiencing loss. Your words might not make sense to anyone else, but the important thing is that they make sense to the person who they were written for.

A really abstract landscape of my friend’s favourite place, Wreck Beach. It’s all he can talk about once the weather gets warm on the west coast.