Dear Veggie Boy

I was at the EPIC Sustainability Expo last weekend in Vancouver which turned out to be a small but really great little show. We started in the food section and took our time. After sampling organic chocolate macaroons, BC balsamic vinegar, artisanal oils, curries and Bliss Balls I barely had steam left for more of what I call the “slow museum walk” that does a number on your lower back, so my friends and I ripped through the rest of the show and headed out.

I did take the time to stop and yak with the good folks from Earthsave. I’ve had my eye on their organization for a while and I definitely want to participate in one of their vegan potlucks. I don’t think I’ve ever potlucked with strangers before.

You have probably seen their Vegetarian Restaurant Directory around town. The 2012 edition of that guide is now out and you can get your digital copy here.

I knew my brother would want one so it’s gone off in the post to him today.

Who knows where the Veggie Boy reference comes from?