Happy Mother’s Day!

A little girl in Prince George saw my mum’s floral card in action over Skype and liked it so much she wanted to give one to her mom, so the yellow one went up to PG with my brother after he ran the Vancouver Marathon last weekend.

That marathon was my brother’s 23rd. As always, we cheered him on from the sidelines and he was in top form when we saw him just after the halfway mark. After his next marathon, he’s looking forward to saying, “Marathons? Yeah, I’ve run a few…dozen!”

If you would like to see a video of this card in action, watch it on You Tube. This video won’t work on mobile devices because I put an Emily Haines song in the background and I guess that renders viewing verboten on mobiles only. Don’t quite see the logic there. Oh well. If you miss my flower video, maybe go see The Avengers instead. I hear it’s the blockbuster of the year.