Yes, there is a club for people like us

Memories of Mr Yare's Grade 9 typing class. Okay the typewriters were electric but still. (photo: Regional Assembly of Text)

I’ve had my eye on the Regional Assembly of Text’s Letter Writing Club for a few years now but my shy side seems to come out whenever I consider hanging out in a room full of people to do in public what I normally do in private, you know? 😉

On the first Thursday night of every month, this penpal and type lover’s dream store at Main and 24th opens its doors and sets out its “vitnage” typewriters so that you can tap away to your auntie in Orillia or your friend in Florida. Everyone welcome. No cost. Supplies provided. I hear they sometimes have tea and cookies too.

I have class on Thursday nights so I won’t be able to make the May one but I plan to be at the June gathering. Care to join me?

I’ll show you my letter if you show me yours. 😀