Hodgey (not her real name, but one she goes by) lives in a small town on the east coast. This letter is for her.

When she writes to me about life in Maine, her art gallery, her animals, and her involvement in the Black Fly Breeders Association –you read that correctly – it’s usually on the back of a paper placemat. I picture her scribbling away in a casual restaurant in her small town with a coffee nearby. Sometimes there’s coffee on the placemat. (That’s probably why I imagine that.) But lately she’s been sending actual cards. I love the cards but I kind of miss the placemats and their little one colour honest modest small biz ads. You know the kind.

An ancient card design from Nib & Tuck's predecessor, Arabesque Words & Pictures. I don't have many of these left and I suspect I'll use them all up by the end of this year-long challenge. Want one?

In my letters, icons sometimes denote the end of one idea and the start of another without use of a line break. Used in situations where a long letter has to fit in a small space.