When digital meets analog

A near (okay, far) and dear friend of mine sent me this postcard the other day via a company called Red Stamp.

I’ve heard about a couple different online services that will send cards on your behalf without you having to do so much as lick a stamp. Oh wait, we don’t lick stamps anymore, do we.

Boo 😦

But this was my first time receiving such a card. Seeing as I love things of an analog nature, but experience much of my daily life in a digital way, of course I was intrigued. Turns out you this is an app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I have none of those so I guess I’ll stick to paper and stamps. I don’t think she’ll mind carrying another letter around in her bag for week or months. The fact that she has been carrying around my last letter for this long – I think it’s post-marked October 2011 – tells me she won’t mind carrying around another one very soon. Heads up lady-o! xo