To Whom It May Concern

Today’s letter is to the head office of a pet supply store in my neighbourhood. In the a decade since I’ve had a dog and lived in this area, this company can’t seem to carry an essential eco-friendly in-demand item that every dog owner will need to use multiple times a day until it’s lights out for dogger – biodegradable poo bags.

Despite repeated customer requests for reasonably-priced biodegradable poo bags, they still don’t carry them. They do carry a very pricey box of 50 for $8.99 though. No, thank you.

So, I’ve written to tell them of my frustration and that they have been losing sales as a result of not listening to feedback from their customers via their super amazing staff.

Tisol carries packages of 120 biodegradable bags for $7.99. I highly recommend you take your business there.

And… I highly recommend you write diplomatic letters of constructive and polite feedback to companies who have not met your expectations. My friend Chris did that once and received a complete set of Calphalon cookware for his trouble. See, it does pay to complain. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t be receiving anything nearly as awesome as Calphalon cookware in the mail from these guys.

Pet Food 'n' Less