Happy birthday Mum!

This year for her birthday I’m sending her one of my free design goodies – a promotional piece letterpressed on Reich Paper‘s unbelievable 100% pure cotton sheet, Savoy. Writing this letter engaged more than the usual senses as I listened to the pen scratch satisfyingly over the surface.

Cottony goodness. Can you see it?

At 118#, this card is snappy, super thick and so unlike paper made from trees. The card went into a matching cotton envelope too. I wish photos had feel-o-vision. All you design nerds would love it. Five dollars says mum doesn’t mention the paper or the letterpressing. But she’ll mention the flowers that will accompany it. 🙂

That's mum on the left back in the homeland. Isn't she cute? My dad would say "Dear little thing." (She's pretty short.)