Vancouver dog lovers… a little good news

Today’s letter was penned a letter to the Vancouver Parks Board.

I recently learned that there is a Dog Off Leash Area Review in the works right now. Yay! At long last. Look how happy Iris is to hear this news.

Read more about it in the sidebar on this page.

The City is welcoming feedback from Vancouver residents on the principles listed in that sidebar and they say public consultation will take place in 2012. There is over $270,000 available for off-leash area improvements in the City’s 2012-14 Capital Plan. So, get your feedback in, folks. Here’s the email address to send to. They are listening. Or rather, they say they are. Here’s hoping.

If you would like a bit more background on this initiative, check out this presentation of research and analysis that was made at a Planning and Environment Committee Meeting on July 7, 2011.