Sometimes the daily letter will be someone else’s. Like today’s…

Every time my cousin in England posts a picture of one of our family members posing with a birthday cake there are always chocolate buttons on top of it and I commented on that. So look what just arrived from Cambridgeshire a few days ago in time for Easter.

Who doesn't love a blue-eyed dogger!

Happy Easter from everyone!

Cadbury Buttons are a distant and wistful memory from my childhood. When my brother and I were little our grandparents used to send us a giant parcel full of chocolates you could only get in England – Quality Street, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, Milky Bar, and Buttons to name a few. You can get pretty much all of them in Canada now. I’m not eating a lot of chocolate these days unless it’s cacao nibs or 70% dark, but I still buckle from time to time. Instead of agonizing over it,  I’ll eat these with love. How can I say no to Buttons sent all the way from England?

Check this out. Fair Trade Certification.

Fair trade. Cadbury's… now we're talking.

Cadbury obtained Fair Trade certification in 2009 and started distributing candy bars in Canada made with fair trade cocoa in 2010.

I don’t typically eat or promote any food made by corporate food giants but fair trade certification is good news for cocoa farmers in Ghana where most of Cadbury’s cocoa is sourced.

Happy Easter everyone!