Day 1. Here goes.

Took a little jaunt down to Chinatown between sleet and sunshine this weekend  – weird Vancouver weather – and found this great writing paper. Perfect. I wanted some new writing paper to use to write to my little cousins in England.

Soft and onion skin thin.

I was penpals with their mother for many years from our own childhood right up until about a decade ago when the internet took over and our communication took a decidedly digital turn. In the spirit of wanting to keep letter writing alive, I now write to Oliver and Lucy who are old enough to get my oddball humour.

What's a letter to far flung teenaged relatives without mention of toilet paper and tampons.

After penning this letter I did manage to test out the crampon thingamajigs I mentioned in the letter and they worked like a hot damn. We headed up Mt Seymour today and hiked the snowshoe trail on what has got to be one of the most glorious days we’ve experienced this year. Here’s Iris and I posing in front of downtown Vancouver. It’s so clear you can see all the way over to Vancouver Island. Spring has arrived.

It is not a prerequisite to have a dog when you hike the Dog Mountain trail but you do tend to talk to more strangers along the way. I do love talking to strangers.