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Today’s letter is actually one of my numbers-as-letters birthday cards and is for one of my cousins in England. He’s writing an exam on his birthday which kind of bites when you’re turning 15.

I’ve been meaning to tell him about this note-taking technique that I learned at university and that I still use to this day when I take courses that involve closed-book exams. Class notes can be an instant study tool if you have a technique that works well. Here’s how the University of Victoria Library Services folks taught me how to study for tests back in first year.



For added organization, you can date the first page of each set of class notes and then number consecutively all the pages for that one class. Start from page 1 again for the next set of class notes.


Introducing Joe Fafard

Joe Fafard is one of Canada’s leading visual artists and makes his home in rural Saskatchewan. Check out his amazing work.

I have a degree in Art History so this stamp (below) for US lettermail featuring Vincent Van Gogh sitting on a chair made famous in Van Gogh’s own work, was particularly eye-catching for me.

Photo of a sculpture of a portrait of an artist. Got that?

From Vancouver to South Pasadena


How long has it been since we exchanged Tibor postcards? Too long I think. My spidey senses tell me your fridge requires adornment. Plus the anniversary of Tibor’s death is coming up on May 2nd. If that isn’t reason enough for a postcard I don’t know what is.


If you don’t recognize the name Tibor Kalman, you might recognize his paperweight. Or the controversial work he undertook for United Colors of Bennetton. He would have been 63 this year. I have a feeling we would have seen a whole lot more controversy from him if he hadn’t died so young.

Today’s post is about my entry into the annual juried Mohawk Show. I’m submitting my brand new Nib & Tuck multicultural holiday card line. The complete reveal of this new card line will happen in the fall so stay tuned. If you want a formal heads up, either join my Facebook page, or sign up to receive my email notifications.

I’m excited about this year’s judges panel which includes Stanley Hainsworth, former creative lead at Starbucks. No one has hair quite like Stanley Hainsworth. Marian Bantjes is another judge I’m excited to see on the roster. Her hair pales in comparison to Stanley’s but there are no truly accurate words for the phenomenal work that Marian Bantjes creates. And she’s a BC gal to boot.

The new series will feature words typeset in characters from different world alphabets including Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Roman, Japanese, Cyrillic, and Sanskrit.

Channeling Julie Andrews

The only thing nicer than brown paper packages tied up with string is brown paper envelopes sealed up with spit.

Who doesn’t love a hand-drawn map

Today’s correspondence features a fantastic postcard found at The Regional Assembly of Text. I have one left and am having a hard time parting with it. Would you like it? You know what you have to do.

I'm a sucker for a hand-drawn map.

Stress makes a mess… of your adrenals

Today’s letter to a friend includes an explanation about how thyroid function and adrenal function are related. I know this isn’t the stuff of riveting correspondence but if you have thyroid problems, it just might be intriguing to you. I’m learning a bit about this now in my nutrition classes but I’m keen to learn more so if you are better versed than I and you are willing to share knowledge, I’d love to chin wag about this with you.

The body is a complicated machine.


Today’s letter is to Randy Bachman.

I should have pulled up the venetian blinds before I took this picture.

Inspired Grocery Shopping List

Today’s letter is to a really sweet lady who wanted to help us out back on April 14th for Inspired Saturday, a cancer awareness/prevention campaign that Inspire Health and Choices Market co-sponsored. Since she lives in Invermere (I’m ashamed to say I had to look up where it was… bad British Columbian, bad!), she couldn’t help us out down here at the Vancouver events. So I sent her a copy of the healthy shopping list that we were handing out that day. Click here to instantly download a PDF for yourself.

High five to cruciferous veggies and dark leafy greens!

If you know someone with a diagnosis of cancer, please let them know about Inspire Health. It is an amazing organization. They are a not-for-profit integrated cancer care centre that I frequently describe to people as being part medical, part practical and part spiritual. And if I could afford to volunteer every waking hour of my day to them, I gladly would.

Yes, there is a club for people like us

Memories of Mr Yare's Grade 9 typing class. Okay the typewriters were electric but still. (photo: Regional Assembly of Text)

I’ve had my eye on the Regional Assembly of Text’s Letter Writing Club for a few years now but my shy side seems to come out whenever I consider hanging out in a room full of people to do in public what I normally do in private, you know? 😉

On the first Thursday night of every month, this penpal and type lover’s dream store at Main and 24th opens its doors and sets out its “vitnage” typewriters so that you can tap away to your auntie in Orillia or your friend in Florida. Everyone welcome. No cost. Supplies provided. I hear they sometimes have tea and cookies too.

I have class on Thursday nights so I won’t be able to make the May one but I plan to be at the June gathering. Care to join me?

I’ll show you my letter if you show me yours. 😀